2005 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II "Amelia"

my #1. Bought it new in '05 at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY. Has barely left my side since.

my #1. Bought it new in '05 at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY. Has barely left my side since. Everything is stock PRS parts, but the bridge, nut, and tuners have been replaced numerous times. 

Custom Moollon S Classic "Marissa Tome"


built custom by Joung Joon Park and the wonderful people at Moollon. The 2 Humbuckers with the single coil in the middle make it unbelievably versatile. Also customizes with an unfinished neck and jumbo frets. 

2012 Gibson CS-336 w/ Firebird headstock "Martha II"


Moollon T Classic "Elle"


1961 Gibson LG-0


This is the guitar I learned my very first chords on. It's really my Dad's in actuality, but it sort of divides its time between being with me and with him. Totally beat to hell and really just good for songwriting, but oh so vibey. 

1993 Martin D-28


bought at Advance Music in Burlington VT in May of 2018. Has some cracks in the finish, but in my opinion it was the best sounding acoustic in the store. such a beauty. 


Fuchs 50 watt Overdrive Supreme


w/ 212 cab loaded with Celestian G12-65 (which is mic'd) and an Eminence Red White and Blues that I keep meaning to change with something that has more sparkle. 

1978 Silverface Fender Vibrolux


Modded to blackface specs. Tremolo is bypassed to give amp more punch. speakers are a Weber dt10 (mic'd) and a Kendrick gold label speaker. 


Touring pedalboard (Dopapod fall '17 tour)


signal chain in order: Boss tuner > Maxon VOP9 > Analogman King of Tone > Maxon  Phaser > Maxon AD999 phaser > Boss DD20 Giga-delay (w/ tap tempo) > Strymon Flint (reverb/tremolo) > TC Electronic Ditto Looper. Powered w/ Strymon Zuma power supply. 

fly date/side gig board


Maxon VOP9 > Analogman King of Tone > GFI systems clockwork delay > Strymon Flint