here's some music that I've felt compelled to transcribe over the years that I thought I'd share. 3 disclaimers, though: 

1) If you can help it, try learning a piece by yourself using your ears, rather than just using my transcription. You'll get infinitely more out of it that way.

2) There's no guarantees that my transcriptions are perfect. I'm human. I make mistakes. Also, when I wrote these out I had no intention of anyone but me ever looking at them. Because of that, not all the notation is technically "correct." All I cared about at the time was that I knew what it meant. 

3) I rarely finish the whole thing. At my core, I'm still a flighty kid with ADD who can't focus on one thing for too long, so I often transcribe a piece for as long as it inspires me, and then I bail part way through when something else tickles my fancy. 

Regardless, maybe you'll get something out of these! Enjoy!

Thoughts for Young Musicians to Ponder

One day while on tour on the west coast, I was really bored and wrote a list of Thoughts for Young Musicians to consider. Don't take all of it as fact, of course. It's all really just opinions of mine. Some of them, however, are opinions of much older, wiser musicians that were given to me over the years, which I've found to be very sage advice so far.

Sample Lesson video

Here's a little sample video lesson I did, just for kicks. Enjoy.