While I've spent the past decade doing mostly national touring, teaching guitar has always been another passion of mine. Once someone gets me talking about music, and in particular the guitar, I can't shut up about it. I enjoy teaching students of all levels, be it a beginner, someone looking to pick up a hobby and learn some tunes, or advanced students looking to learn music theory, jazz standards, or prepare for college level curriculum. Whatever it is, I'm game.  

My teaching style depends on the student, but I try to provide a strong foundation of knowledge so that they can eventually start understanding and comprehending music independently. 

As I said before, though, my style of teaching is dependent on the student. Most of the time, the only thing that really matters is that whoever I'm teaching is having fun and feeling passionate about guitar playing. That's all. However we should approach a lesson to achieve that, that's what we'll do. 

To get a sense of my teaching style, click the button below to go to my "Knowlege Goodies" page for some transcriptions and a short video lesson to check out.

Skype Lessons

A huge amount of students that I teach live in other parts of the U.S. and elsewhere. Because of that, I often teach lessons using Skype. (I can also use Facebook video or Facetime, although Skype is vastly better in my opinion.)

If you'd like to arrange a Skype lesson, you'll need Skype (duh), and either Paypal or Venmo. You'll also need to make sure your guitar is audible. Acoustic guitar is fine. If you're using an electric, make sure you have some sort of amplification. That's it! 

In Person Lessons

If you live in or near Burlington VT, are up for a little road trip, or are in my neck of the woods for whatever reason, I'd be happy to schedule an in person lesson. 

I prefer to teach from my home when possible, but I understand that may not be preferable for everyone's needs, so I'll come to you if needs be, as long as its a realistic distance from me. Please send me an e-mail for logistics and we'll get the ball rolling.